Your essence swirls around me

Like a warm familiar wind

Yet, I’ve never met you, never seen you

You send me thoughts so comforting

they could almost be my own

But they’re in a different voice

I see visions through your eyes

and the world looks so much better

Until I open mine

Growing Pains

A downtown working whore, or some cheap barroom score just leave me a little worse off than before, and all the scotch in the world won’t change a goddamned thing.

Maybe a fast new car, a new Z1-R, a brand new way to get high and all those things money can buy – will make me happy for just a while.

All those things don’t last very long, and I found out I was really wrong, hell it’s just that I don’t like who I am.

Baby it’s not that I didn’t love you, or want you around – I just didn’t love me and had no idea how. I didn’t think you possibly could either.

I bought in to others ideas of who I was, and their concepts of success and love – and hell, it’s a wonder I could even look at me in the mirror.

So I got myself a big magnifying glass, got up off my lazy ass and started looking to see just who I was.

Will I recognize me when I find me? Will I shake my own hand? Congratulate myself on becoming a better man?

Well, after all that I’m not such a bad guy, I learned to laugh and allowed myself to cry.

Damn, sometimes life just gets better and better.

A Report From Earth

The radiation clouds were thicker than normal today, making the few animals that ventured out look like living x-ray films. We knew our time would have to be short on this odd planet, but there were so many questions we had about it’s former occupants. One of the ground crew had found a book, possibly a history book.  It had pictures of how it looked here long ago. It was hard to believe at first, some thought it was fiction. This ‘black marble’ as we called is, was once blue and green.

What had the race of creatures done to this place? Our short period of research here led us to believe that there was once millions of species here. The had nearly extinguished all life here, and on the only planet in this system to have had life. All that remained now were some rather odd creatures that seem to have adapted to this hostile environment. Maybe it was a natural disaster of some kind, on a global scale. We have found no sign of a celestial impact though, leading us to believe that it was likely ‘self inflicted’. A global war maybe? But, what intelligent species would annihilate itself?

(A conversation overheard in my head)

I feel so needy

Learn to love yourself

I feel so alone

It’s okay to be alone with you

People won’t like the ‘real me’

No, not until you like the real you

It’s so hard to talk to people

Yes it is when you’re not living in the moment

But, I don’t have lots of money, a cool car, or…

Is that what you admire in the people you know and love?

I am such an ordinary guy

Welcome to the human race my friend, you’ll be just fine


Her mind manipulated him like a marionette

He moved at her will, posed as she wished

For him, there was no way out, but he’d not have gone if there was

She was a delicious poison that he had to drink of

She was his eyes, his thoughts, she made his words

His soul? He knew he hadn’t one

She had taken it with a look when he somehow saw her face

The ties that bind are unseen, stronger than steel and thin as air

“I’m alive! But how?” he thought

“I’m trapped, but trapped in what? A dream maybe?”

A willing captive in a beautiful prison

His desire for her so strong, but with no way to reach her

His passion so great, but no way to touch her

A chill…

He began to understand who he was to her

“Let me go!” he tried to shout, but there was no sound

No voice, because she had not given him one

Would she soon kill him without even knowing it?

How could she? She wouldn’t if she only knew…

He felt the truth though, and accepted his fate

A dream can only last so long

Then the dreamer must wake

He’d be gone with the opening of her eyes

Not to return, not even on another night

It wouldn’t be him then

A new dream

A Dream of You

Last night as I lay sleeping I suddenly felt your touch

Your image appeared before me as I sat up in my bed

Your eyes were shining, almost aglow

Your mouth moving to speak, but I heard no sound

Your image was shimmering like a scene through waves of heat

Fading and unclear

I reached out to touch you before you faded away

But my hands found nothing, and you faded a bit more

Through the welling tears in my eyes, I could still see you

I knew if I reached out once more you’d be gone

My reach, my desire to possess

Possessions we ultimately lose

But if I stood still, and saw you with my heart

And let you see mine

Out in the open

Nothing hidden

We’d be closer than ever before

The link of hearts and souls


You can have a good time

You can have a bad time

Please take your time

May I ask you the time?

It’s been a long time

I need more time

I’m right on time

Is there ever enough time these days?

Very timely

Good timing

Time consuming

Time saving

Make some time OK?

You can have time on your hands

You can’t hold the hands of time

You can’t have a handful of time

Beware the ravages of time

Time takes it’s toll

Time marches on

Time goes by

Where did the time go?

Time drags on

Time is on my side

Time is fast

Time is slow

Time is against us

These are some hard times

Your time is coming

I look forward to better times

Time, and time again

Times up!


With no other alternatives left to them

Babies began to refuse to be born

They somehow reversed their life-cycle

Shrank and divided back into two

Then disappeared all together

They did not want the life

We had laid out before them

The future we had made for them

They decided they had a choice

Because they had no voice

So, they did what they could