(A conversation overheard in my head)

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Micro-Story, Poems
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I feel so needy

Learn to love yourself

I feel so alone

It’s okay to be alone with you

People won’t like the ‘real me’

No, not until you like the real you

It’s so hard to talk to people

Yes it is when you’re not living in the moment

But, I don’t have lots of money, a cool car, or…

Is that what you admire in the people you know and love?

I am such an ordinary guy

Welcome to the human race my friend, you’ll be just fine

  1. I’ve read it all. You are wonderful in long form. I so agree with your other comments about how you “paint” your words. I’m having challenges with the DM so please forgive me, I didn’t want you to think I would abandon our conversation. You are welcome to email (since I’m commenting you’ll see it on your admin page). I’ve been on WP for a few months and might be able to give you some pointers with tagging and more. Peace, joy and love my Twitter poet friend 🙂

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