Onondaga Morning

I crawl out from the closed flap in the teepee, it’s just barely the dawn. I am the first to rise, as usual it seems. The smoke from the previous nights fires is still rising in the cool morning air. It’s a true summer morning, and I know there is much to be done today. The open grassland affords me a clear view for a great distance around us. I walk a short ways from the camp, through the dry grasses to a knoll, pull aside my breechclout and relieve myself. As I slowly walk back, I stop and look at the dome of light the rising sun is creating. I smile, as this all feels good to me. I look at my own arms, dark and lean, my skin is beginning to crease. In not too many cycles, I will find myself an elder. But, for now, I am here in the grasslands with 9 of my brothers. Nine good brothers I must watch, and keep to their tasks.

We are far from our brothers and sisters of the longhouse, but we will return in some days time, with fresh meat and skins. I know that it will not be very long until the sun, and the air will tell us it’s time to move. Down from our light housing, closer to the sea. The shelled fish will be plentiful, and the cold winds more bearable there. Doing as we have done for many cycles, it is as it should be. I feel a sense of peace and purpose here, it is hard work, but it is all good work. And, soon afterward we will have a time for celebration, and we will all enjoy the foods and goods we have worked hard for.

The sun breaks the horizon finally, and the light feels good to my eyes. Brother sun will light and warm another day for us. I am grateful for what we have, and all that we have had as well. I take nothing for granted, for the blessings we have now can be easily taken away by the spirits. A grateful heart is a gift to the spirits, and in turn they provide us the game we need. For others in our tribe, the spirits help make the plants grow and bear fruit that we all will share. Everyone has a job to do, and every job is important to us all. I have done all of these tasks in my life, and I have appreciation for them all. I can show the younger ones how to do many things, and I am pleased when they learn. Life is a gift, and I am deeply satisfied with it.

(This was a vivid and somewhat lucid dream I had many years ago. I can still feel, see and smell everything in it. I apologize for any part that is not accurate or in any way offends.)

One thought on “Onondaga Morning

  1. Surreal. Very beautiful story/dream. Past lives are integrated into who/what we are today. The Elders teach us forever. You should write a book Ken, a good storyteller is needed for the generations ahead of us.

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