Feed The Fires

Standing face to face
Feeling the heat of the moment
Clothes falling away
Mouths locked in passion
Tongues dancing a private samba
The power of unleashing desires

We’re not teens anymore
No need for games
No room for self consciousness
Two bodies and two minds
Bent on giving and receiving
Focused on sensation
Creating dizzying moments

My hands reading your skin
Like an explorer in new territory
Mapping and noting your reactions
My mouth close behind them
Wetting you with my interests
Pressing you into me
Tasting your treasures

You respond in kind
Making me submit to your
lusty intentions
I’m left to writhe under you
As you command my body to attention
Your efforts rewarded firmly

Drops of dew forming
And you, my hummingbird
But also my flower
Our private garden of
the passions
We indulge completely
Inhibitions long gone
Soaked in the sweat of
pure golden ecstasy

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