This is a song for the old

This is a song for the old


Those who’ve married the husbands and loved the wives

Who’ve made the friendships that have lasted their entire lives

The ones who’ve seen new lives begun and too many come to an end

And known the cycle of making, keeping, and losing a friend

They’ve been to the weddings and they’ve been to the wakes

They know the riches life provides, and the tolls that time  takes


This is a song for the young


For those who’s lives are just becoming their own

Whose paths are many, forked, and mostly unknown

You see your elders and think of old

Instead of seeing wisdom, and stories still untold

Time is an adversary that you don’t yet see

You measure it in weekends, movies and good TV


This is my song for everyone


For mothers and daughters, fathers and sons

The emotions, the memories, relationships hard-won

As the blue and black of twilight give way to the dawn

Another day, another night, come and gone


Time sneaks by without giving us much warning

You’re suddenly at sunset when it seems it was just morning

We cannot slow time, but we can slow ourselves down

If our eyes are always on the future, then we’re missing the now