I am offended by you!
by what you said
by what you didn’t say
by what you did
by what you didn’t do

You ruined my day
when you looked that way
I heard you sigh
Saw something in your eye
I. Know. What. You’re. Thinking!

Is this what our future will be?
I don’t get you, & you hate me
Fighting like we have rabies
in a state of being perpetual babies
Staying behind our protective fence
We’ve let go of our common sense

Each of my opinions you don’t share
Makes you want to send me
to the electric chair
Yet about all humanity
you pretend to care

A different belief isn’t spewing hate
A dialog would help us communicate
Share ideas, understand
Stop your pronouncements
Gestures so grand

When did we decide that we
can never be offended?

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