Conversations with Omen IV

You’ve said that there’s life all over the universe, right? So, here on earth there’s like seven billion people, and if there’s even more people out there, then there must be tens of billions of souls.

“Yes Thomas, there are more souls than I can give an accounting of. In your terms it would be a vast number that would be hard for you to easily accept.”

Okay, well that made me wonder about something; if there’s that many souls out there, how do you keep in contact with them? I mean, I know you personally don’t have to talk to them all, but I’m guessing that what you call the Pure Love must know them all.

“You are correct about my not needing to be in contact with all souls, but I do have responsibility for more than you might guess. The answer to your question is a complicated one, but I will attempt to do so with an analogy based on my role here. The souls that I watch over are in many places at any given point in time. If you think of communication in earthly terms then it would seem impossible to be in touch with all of them. But, that is not how it works here.

“In terms you can understand, it is comparable to your thinking of someone you know and having them appear before you instantly. If I were to need to speak with Seth about something, I think of him and I am there with him. The part I believe you may have a hard time understanding is that he remains where he is, as do I.”

So, it’s like telepathy? A psychic connection to the other person?

“It is so much more than that Thomas. We truly are together for the time we are communicating, but we are separate as well. For souls that are living a life that is not on earth, we can do the same thing as they go about their physical lives. It’s only the earthbound that we do not have this ability with – hence you and I meeting here as you sleep.”

Wow, so, on other planets they can hear you in their minds at any time?

“That is an approximation of the concept, and it will do for our conversations sake.”

That makes earth sound like we’re the beginner’s planet. Like we’re not advanced enough to be able to do things that are common in other places.

“There is no value judgement inherent in the abilities of the earthbound, Thomas. All souls are learning and growing, and each place that they take on a life has different challenges and accomplishments. There are souls that have begun their journey on other worlds, and then chosen a life on earth – they have no advantage over one that began their journey on earth. In my opinion, they may be at a small disadvantage when compared to the earth-originated soul. Humanity is a very complicated system of life Thomas, and it is full of extremes. Many other places are nothing like it; in fact no other place I have ever been is like it.”

I guess it’s good to know we’re not the kindergarten of the universe. But, what makes life here so unique, so different than elsewhere?

“That is an excellent question Thomas, and difficult to answer with any specificity. I would have to say that the word ‘depth’ might be a starting point for us. Humans have a depth of many characteristics that are not found in other beings. Your emotions combined with the physical sensations or reactions to them, are very unique. Many souls choose to live many lives on earth to explore the vastness of those feelings. In turn, souls new to an earthly life are often recognized by their self-limiting of their emotions and reactions.”

“You must understand something important here, humanity is one of the few types of beings in the universe that has such emotions, and places such a high importance on them as well. The greater numbers of social beings do not require or place high importance on having an emotional connection before mating, or creating a family unit. These are not primitive or somehow backwards societies I am speaking of, but highly intelligent beings of ancient descent. When souls from those planets decide to choose a life in earth, they are often quite socially awkward and unpracticed at forming relationships.”

I think everyone I’ve ever dated was from another planet after hearing that.

“That seems statistically impossible Thomas.”

It was a joke Omen, just a joke. Don’t they have jokes or humor where you’re at?

“Thomas, there are certain souls that are filled with humor and laughter. I do not mean to give an image of a person who constantly makes jokes, but rather a soul that is just bright with joy and laughter. Your soul is like that Thomas, and I can see and hear it coming through even now.”

Great, well a lot of good it’s done me so far.

“Cynicism covers up pain Thomas, have you experienced pain from your humor?”

I’m not sure I’d say pain, but it hasn’t always been an asset for me. Well, let me rephrase that; it’s an asset to me personally because my own humor keeps my internal spirits up. It’s also been good when I’m with my friends, or meeting new people. On the other hand, it’s sometimes been a detriment in professional situations. A lot of people in the business world don’t think that a guy who’s funny is a serious person – nor can they be. It’s a weird prejudice that I’ve run into a few times in my life. I’d see upper management pick some other guy for a big project – one who was less experienced than me. When I asked around to see why, I heard that they didn’t think ‘the funny guy’ would be a good project manager.

“I believe you are correct Thomas when you said it is a prejudice you experienced. There is no true logic behind that belief, no data to support it – the very definition of a prejudice. The people who own or run businesses would be better positioned for success if they realized that a person with a humorous and joyful soul makes the work environment a better experience for those around them.”

It’s good to hear you say that Omen, it’s something I’ve thought myself for a long time. But I can’t say that very many others subscribe to my point of view.

Thomas, do you remember when you tried Lysergic acid for the first time? Your mind was filled with old stories you had heard about people having ‘bad trips’ as you called it. You told me you were worried that you might discover that you had a ‘dark side’ that you had been repressing. Yet the night you finally tried it, you found that you had a completely positive experience. You laughed and played for hours and hours before it wore off. I think you discovered that you actually have a joyful soul that radiates humor and warmth.”

In all honesty I’ve felt that way sometimes too, I just never thought about it very deeply. I love to have fun, and I love making people laugh, or smile at least. I don’t do it to be the center of attention, or for some deep seated need to be liked by everyone. I just have my own kind of fun I guess. I’ve just never understood why some people seem like it’s the worst quality a person can have.

“Thomas, you are savvy enough to know that people with inner pain and trauma are not the ones who are looking to laugh. For many souls such as that, what they actually seek is ‘sameness’ from others who also harbor inner pain. You represent the opposite of those people, you are free of inner trauma and able to laugh whenever you choose to. That is a choice some souls do not feel that they have.”

One thought on “Conversations with Omen IV

  1. Am absolutely enjoying the Conversations with Omen and find myself looking forward to more!
    Well done—KEEP WRITING!!

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