Conversations with Omen V

After we die and leave earth, what happens to everything we were emotionally attached to? I mean, I have a lot of material objects that I really, um, love. I know, I know, we’re not really supposed to be attached to inanimate objects – and even if we are, we don’t really ‘love’ them… but I think you know what I’m asking here. Is there a little bit of me that’s imbued into my possessions?

“Thomas, first I must tell you that emotional feelings are the highest and most pure of our gifts from the Pure Love. It is my belief that what you have heard about loving inanimate objects comes from the psychology of attachment theory. An abnormal attachment to a non-living object can indeed be unhealthy to the human mind. Yet, feeling positive emotion towards something that is treasured by you is just a different expression of loving emotions. Quite often the objects we become attached to are those that were somehow related to another being that we loved.”

Yeah, okay, you get it. I was actually thinking about some things that I inherited from my parents. I have some of my mother’s kitchen things, and my father’s tools and guns. I love those things, they give me really warm and positive feelings when I handle them. I think of my mom or dad every time I touch them.

“Of course they do, objects that belonged to those you cared about, and that were handled with love will retain the resonance of that soul who used them. The objects themselves contain some of the energy of the soul, or souls that used them before you. This is akin to the concept of recordings of music that you enjoy – many different energies can be transferred into certain valued objects.”

Sometimes the feelings I get are pretty strong too. It’s like my dad is there with me when I use one of the things he owned. A few times I’ve even felt like he really was actually there with me, watching and smiling. I know that probably sounds kind of crazy, and I’m just imagining it, but it has felt pretty real to me.

“Most likely you are not imagining it, Thomas. The objects of which you are speaking of have a very direct conduit to your parents, and they are summoning them as you handle each one. Think of it like a direct connection to their soul in this case. By both handling the object, and also thinking of the person it belonged to, you are essentially summoning them to your side. These are connections with the living that we truly enjoy, being called upon by one of the people that you loved so much in life here. The souls of your parents can feel you thinking about them, and they come to you at those times.”

Wow, I mean I have felt it before, but I didn’t actually allow myself to believe it could be real. I didn’t believe that they were actually there with me, but it makes sense now. Hey, after I’m gone, if someone here uses something of mine and thinks about me, will I come to them?

“I cannot answer future questions for you Thomas, but I can allow myself to speculate a bit. I believe that you will come to those that cared about you in the times that they need you. You have a caring heart, and you have a loving soul – those things remain in you always.”

How does that work exactly? I mean, do you actually hear me in some way, or is it just a feeling you get?

“It is very complicated Thomas, and it would be quite hard for me to explain it in a way that you would understand completely. I hope it will suffice to say that we just know immediately when you think of one of us here, and we come to your side.”

Wow, how do you get anything else done if you’re always popping down here every time someone thinks about you? Wouldn’t that take up a lot of your time?

“Time is different here, it is not at all the same as when one is earthbound. If I appeared at your side each and every time you thought of me Thomas, I would still be participating in all of my duties here as well. I would not be missing out on anything by spending time with you. As I said, it is somewhat complicated, but perhaps through more conversations you will begin to understand better.”

Well, is it like you can be in two places at the same time?

“You might see it that way, but that is not what is truly happening. Yet, on some level I do believe that might work as a mental image for you to dwell upon. It is somewhat like being in two places at one time, but only if you are seeing time as a linear constant. The typical way that the earthbound experience time in their lives, but just remember that time is not experienced in the same way everywhere.”

Wow, that’s so strange to think about, I mean I think a lot of our physics is based on time being a constant in the universe. What you’re saying would throw off a whole bunch of science here, or at least change a lot of theories.

“As with every race of beings, there are many scientists who are pursuing the origins and laws of the universe, and, in almost every case those theories are both living and plastic, ever changing with newly discovered information. I do believe that science will go on unimpeded as it usually has. Although there are many things that exist outside of scientific theory, and time as a constant is one of those things.”


“For the purpose of an explanation, allow me to use a lay-example that you might have experienced yourself. It is a common adage amongst humans that ‘time flies when you are having fun’ – as the reverse also applies, that time seems to go much slower when you are unoccupied, or bored, as you say. The two concepts illustrate that depending on how occupied your mind is seems to affect your perception of the passage of time. Yet, as almost a counter argument, many people say that at some point in their lives, when they were experiencing a traumatic event, time seemed to slow dramatically. Lastly, add to those perceptions, the accepted fact that humans do not perceive the passage of time while they sleep.”

“All of those examples are based on experiences that human beings have reported over centuries of existence. They illustrate that many people experience time inconsistently at various periods in their lives. Nothing about the experiences they reported actually altered the earth’s motion around your sun, or time as measured in some other astronomical way.  It was their own perception of the passage of time in those specific moments, but perhaps not only that. Perhaps it lies amongst the possibilities of the universe that time can be altered, and experienced singularly as well.”

Okay, my head hurts now. I was with you through the ‘time flies’ part, but trying to imagine time as experienced both together with everyone else, and also singularly… that is blowing my mind. I was taught that time was the one constant in the universe, as if it’s experienced exactly the same way everywhere. I never even considered that there were other possibilities, especially not here in the human world. I think I need a nap now.

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