Conversations with Omen VIII

“There is a look on your face Thomas that tells me you have something to ask. Your reflections and examinations of your own life do continue to please me. I hope you always feel free to ask whatever you wish to know, I am always here for you.”

Thanks Omen, I appreciate that more than I tell you. I wasn’t holding anything back, I was just trying to figure out how to put it into a question. It’s sort of complex in its own way. It’s about religion I guess; I want to know more about the religions of the world – which I know sounds unbearably huge, so let me narrow this down a little. Give all of the different religions, not only currently, but throughout history; many of them have striking similarities amongst them. Most believe in a single and powerful god, many believe in that god having assistants of some kind, i.e., angels, minions, etc.

I’m drifting off my point a little, but I guess I’m just curious why there’s so much commonality between them, many things that are often nearly identical. Even some of the ‘new age’ spiritual beliefs have a lot in common with older more traditional religions.

“Allow me a bit of leeway with my answer Thomas, it may seem unrelated at first, but will come together soon enough. Do you remember your parents telling you the story of your birth?”

Yeah, sure I do. I guess I came out backwards with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and a bit blue. My dad said it was a touch-and-go situation for a little while, but that I was a fighter and pulled through.

“Indeed, from an earthbound perspective that is a fair description of the event. Let me give you a bit of a different version though, one you have not ever heard. You were stillborn Thomas, and when revived by the attending medical staff, you died again just minutes later. The emergency medical personnel were called in, revived you once again, and you have remained ever since. With that said, there is much more to the story.”

More, what more is there? Did my parents hold back some sort of gristly details?

“No, nothing of the sort Thomas, this part is from my perspective. As you now know, I have been your guide for quite some time. I was the last one to be with you before your new earthbound life began, perhaps think of it as me being there to see you off. You had gone through a particularly difficult life in your previous incarnation, and you were not without some reservations about beginning this one so soon afterwards. We had both agreed that this was the direction that you would most benefit from choosing this specific life. Yet, in my opinion you were still in a recuperative stage – which is not completely unusual for a soul who had been through a lot. And, we had agreed that because the beginning of this life was, how shall I say it? Uneventful for quite some time, that you would be fine.”

Wait, you and I talked about my future life here before I was actually born?

“Yes Thomas, as your guide I would naturally be the one to review not only your past life, but also help you choose and acclimate to your next one. But, I now have come to realize that you were not completely ready to become earthbound again. At your moment of birth you were still struggling with some of the landmarks of your new life. You were literally late for your birth, and you were clearly unconcerned by it.”

What was the problem? Was I having second thoughts about it? Did I find out something bad was going to happen in my future and changed my mind?

“No Thomas, nothing so dramatic or purposeful. Sometimes after a particularly challenging lifetime, a soul can be overwhelmed, so to speak, by coming home. The afterlife is so very different from an earthbound one, so dramatically different that it can be a massive shift for a soul. The warmth, the sounds, the feelings are all completely different here. Suddenly you are awash in a constant feeling of love and complete acceptance. You are instantly reunited with souls you have known since you were first created, existence-long friends. It takes even experienced guides, fresh back from an earthbound life, a bit of time to re-acclimate to this long familiar home.”

“Typically you feel like it has been a very long time since you have seen and felt all of this, but then you readjust to time here, and realize it has not been very long at all. It just takes some time to readjust to everything that is the afterlife. I do believe that in your case, Thomas, you may have needed more time here. I think that you were still taking comfort from us, and that you began to feel unsafe at your birth moment. When I spoke to you at that moment, you feigned some resolve and went to your body. That was the first of your resuscitations, but you knew you had not been completely honest with me, and you left that body again to reach out to me.”

I was scared, and I wanted to come back?

“I am not sure that scared is the term I would use, perhaps unsure and unsettled are better choices. You came to me with some questions, but they were superficial ones that I saw through. You were over-thinking your future paths, and were asking for reassurance. We took a moment to revisit your goals and life plan, and to reconnect you to your own drive. You have always been a passionate soul Thomas, and that level of keen intensity works both for, and against you at times. When you commit you do so fully and completely, but when you have unanswered questions – well, you are prone to over think things, and hesitate at the gate. Simply put, you got to re-know this place and did not wish to be without all of it again. You began to think about what you would be missing by starting the earthbound life.”

Well, I’m really curious about what you said to me to convince me to come back and live my life here? It must have been one heck of a speech, or did you just push me into my little baby-body and lock me in there?

“That is very funny Thomas, and I know that you know me better than that. I, neigh, we as guides, would never coerce, or worse, force any soul to take an earthbound life they did not want. I can also assure you that I did not need to make, as you said, a heck of a speech to you.  I am not at liberty to tell you what it was I did say to you, but suffice it to say that it was brief and to the point. You accepted my reassurance and reoccupied that new little life, much to the joy of every single person in that room.”

Of course, I have no memory of any of that, from either side of the veil, but I can picture in my mind how happy my parents must have been. If I haven’t said it before now, I’m happy you said whatever it was you did to convince me to live though. Overall it’s been a pretty good life in my opinion. But, what does any of this have to do with what I asked you at first?

“Your two ‘miss-starts’ we will call them, were seen as two near-death experiences by everyone who cared to know the story. That is what brings us around to my somewhat circuitous answer to your question. Near-death experiences allow a soul a brief glimpse of the afterlife, a glimpse that is usually forgotten by the time they are firmly back in their earthbound body. But, every so often, someone will retain some bits of memory of what they saw, or felt there. Some remember the wonderful feeling of it, and others remember the sounds or even some of the things they saw there. The person’s mind tries to make sense of what they remember, but with no earthly experience to compare it to they often embellish.”

You mean they make stuff up, or fantasize things that they didn’t really see?

“Nothing so calculated I think, more along the lines of superimposed images of earthly things laid atop other images that do not make perfect sense. Take the image of angels as an example, men and women with majestic wings. Most often depicted as wearing pure white robes, and glowing halos above their heads. I think that you know from our many conversations that there would be no need for wings in the afterlife, Thomas. But, there do exist some higher guides who most often appear as tall and angular glowing light. I certainly can imagine a human remembering this as a person in white with tall wings. The human mind fills in familiar images where the abstract is too difficult to understand.”

In other words, people see an abstract form of light and later imagine an angel? Interesting. I can understand that from my own experience of when I first saw you many years ago. That very night I was sure about what I has seen and heard, but the following week I was already turning everything into something that made more sense to me.

“Now, I am sure you can also imagine that near-death experiences are not a new phenomenon amongst humans. From the time that your people were quite primitive, and just existing day to day was a dangerous challenge, they have also had near-death experiences. In the cases of the primitive humans, they would describe to their families what they remembered about being dead, but with lesser language skills it was difficult. Add, also, that they were often feared by their own people for simply surviving an event that the others believed should have killed them. But, they did not die, and were suddenly trying to tell a tale of an experience so abstract… well, they were often cast out, or worse.”

“Interestingly though, their tales lived on well past their own lives, past on from person to person for centuries. As you know, stories that are shared over time are also embellished by the different tellers. Pillars of light get wings attached to them, and are wearing pure white robes – a color that was very rare for many centuries. To some the stories were fantastic and wonderful, but to others they were frightening and dangerous tales. The notion of a consciousness after death was both exciting and frightening. They began to imagine their ancestors still living as they were when they were alive, but just invisibly. This led to the first polytheist beliefs in many societies as ancestors were elevated to a supernatural status, and imbued with various powers and control.”

“I also believe that those souls who remembered bits of the afterlife, some who had felt the warmth and love there, began to remember the Pure Love, who they simply named God. This archetype caught on in many societies around your world, with only minor variations. A singular and powerful God who had shaped everything around them, and often was believed to control all things both natural and human. For better or worse God was overseeing every aspect of human life, and not long afterwards He suddenly laid down rules to live by as well.”

So, are you telling me that the Ten Commandments are not straight from the Pure Love?

“I do not think you find that idea difficult to believe, Thomas. Perhaps you were kidding with me by asking that, but I will answer you anyway. No, they did not come from the Pure Love, they were imagined by many people over a very long period of time. In my own opinion, six of the ten were useful tenants to live by for most societies. But, as we have spoken of already, the Pure Love does not impose rules upon souls, thereby making right and wrong.”

I know that much, Omen. I’m still absorbing some of that concept even today. A being that only loves, nurtures and teaches others how to be like it is… it’s a massive sea change for me. But, back to my original question, you’re saying that the world’s religions are based on the stories that people told after near-death experiences? That’s amazing to me.

“I do believe it is another concept you will continue to ruminate on, but will eventually accept in your heart. If you consider the best parts of each religion’s tenants, teachings and lore, you will put together a puzzle that forms Pure Love.”

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