Conversations with Omen X

>> You know, Omen, this whole process reminds me of college, taking classes and exams in order to receive a degree. I’m not trying to diminish the soul journey, but it sure is a coincidence that they seem so much the same.

>>“There are many human social constructs that mimic the processes on this side, Thomas. It is not coincidence so much as it is souls, in human lives, creating social structures that feel familiar to them on some level. Many souls, especially ones who have had many earthbound lives, retain vague impressions from this side. Their experience and wisdom shines through even in human form.”

But, how can anyone possibly remember things from the other side? Other than those markers you told me about, it seems like we’re wiped pretty clean at birth.

“Allow me to use a metaphor; picture the mind as seashore, where ocean meets land. The ocean is our life actions, the beachfront is the mind. Memories are made in the vast expanse of sand; perhaps you can picture them as sand-castles. Some stay the test of time, others fall apart over the years of your life and are gone. Now, imagine that when some are born, making the transition from pure energy to earthbound life form, there are grains of that sand that retain some understanding of their soul life. Those grains do not a memory make, but they still have some imagery or feeling to them. As the mind scans that shore for memories and information it occasionally passes over one of those grains and feels something – imagines something that although incomplete still seems familiar.”

So, in our current computer terms, it’s like a bit of memory. Not really enough to make up a command, but still holds on to something?

“Yes, that is a sufficient analogy for this discussion. That small grain that was retained at the time of birth is enough to have what you call a notion, enough to trigger an idea sometimes. Your observation of how soul-growth resembles your college programs is understandable given this information. Education, examination and reaching goals are akin to what a soul’s path is here. If you recall your history, the original colleges were assemblies of persons who desired to learn.”

Like a soul and its guide, right? Together you examine the life they just returned from and make a plan for their next one.

“Exactly, and a soul who may have been through that process many times is more likely to retain more grains of the experience with each new life.”

I imagine that back when people were getting together to create social institutions like colleges, or even governments, that some already had a notion of what would work the best.

“Yes, it is quite likely that in any sizeable group of people there would be some who retain some grains of memory from this side, and have that influence their ideas. Although, your history has many examples of societies that did not seem to have been influenced by anything a soul had retained from here. Dictatorships and Juntas do not appear to be modeled after anything that I have ever experienced.”

True, I can see that, but what about monarchies?

“There is a good chance that social structures of that type were misguidedly based on memories of the Pure Love. The feeling that there is something greater than ourselves is a common one in the earthbound souls. It is very obvious that the bulk of religions are made from that exact notion, but not many realize that monarchies come from the same feelings. The difference being that the latter group elevates another earthbound soul as the one deserving worship and reverence.”

Are there really no humans that are better than the rest of us? I’m not really talking about Kings and other royalty, but just anyone. You’ve mentioned ‘old souls’ before, aren’t they kind of better than the rest of us in some way?

“No Thomas, not in the way you are presenting it at least. There are millions of humans who deserve recognition for the acts that they have done, or the way they have chosen to live their lives. That does not make them better than other humans, but it is their choices and behavior that distinguish them. Most will not receive any kind of recognition or appreciation, but they continue to live in ways that are fine examples to all others. They know something important that many others do not; helping your fellow human beings is the single most satisfying occupation one can spend their life doing.”

A ‘life of service’ is what we call it here, and I’ve read stories about people who have dedicated their lives to doing good things for people. I guess I’ve never thought about how may more there might be who just quietly go about helping others. Not that they seek that out or anything, I really do believe that it just makes you feel good about yourself no matter what. I’ve done some volunteer work in my past, and I keep meaning to do it again… I just keep putting it off. I suppose I haven’t decided what it is I want to do. I hope I’m not just kidding myself.

“You mean internally imagining that you will serve others again at some point in time, but not actually making it true?”

Yeah, I’m good at that sometimes. I have the best intentions, but I don’t follow through with what I think I am going to do. I don’t get that either, I mean if we’re good souls with all of the inspiration of the Pure Love in us, how do we get so astray from our higher intentions?

“The human mind is a fusion of physical properties and the soul that brings life to it. It is vastly complicated the way the mind and soul interact together, in some ways even I do not yet fully understand all of it. When the soul enters the human body, at your birth, it is much like the engine of an automobile starting. The body being the physical engine, and the soul being the spark that ignites it into life. Yet, the outcome is fantastically unpredictable because of myriad factors. As the soul settles into the body, the mind is created and becomes a living and growing being. Beyond the physical factors are also your life experiences, your interactions with those that are formative in your life, and your developed internal dialog.”

My internal dialog? How does that make me who I am, or affect my life’s outcome? It’s just me thinking about stuff in my own head.

“Thomas, your internal dialog is the personification of your soul/body fusion. It is what you know as your personality, as it is with everyone else you know. Your own internal voice is what you reason with, it is what you measure and decide with, and it is what you base your idea of normal upon. Certainly you have encountered persons in your life who are decidedly different than not only yourself, but anyone you have ever met before. They behave differently, they speak differently and they definitely think differently than you do. If you could eavesdrop on their internal dialog you would only hear a completely unintelligible foreign language. Each being has an internal dialog that is completely different than every other, much like a fingerprint.”

I had no idea Omen, I suppose I just thought that everyone hears their own thoughts in their own voice, kind of like I do. I hadn’t even thought if it as a dialog before you put it that way, but I agree with you now, it really is like an ongoing conversation with myself.

“It is that very conversation that is essentially the person that you see yourself as Thomas. That dialog is what you think with, and make decisions with – it is what you measure the rest of the world with as well. A person such as yourself, rational, intelligent and kind, will interact with others in the way you have been taught – and you feel is right. But, others who do not share your way of thinking or behaving are not defective somehow; they just have a vastly different internal conversation. In fact, in rare cases some are in a form of mental pain that you may not even be aware is possible. Their internal dialog is like two grinding stones, constantly and abrasively turning every experience into a painful dust as they methodically reexamine every interaction they ever have.”

Wow, that sounds awful, isn’t there some way to help those people? It sounds like a pretty bad way to go through life.

“Thomas, sometimes those very people are the most brilliant in a society – and sometimes they are the ones who go mad. The notion of helping them may be well-intentioned, but typically unnecessary. They are making their way through a life just as you are, and the fact that they think differently than you do is just a footnote. You must remember that everyone thinks differently, even those that you believe think much as you do… they do not think exactly like you do.”

I get that, and I don’t think that I have ever expected that anyone I know thinks just exactly the way I do, but I can admit that I figured people thought in the same manner as I do. I mean that in kind of a mechanical way, as in, they think operationally the same way I do.

“I am afraid that even that much of a generalization still does not hold true. As I said earlier, the fusion of soul and body is quite complex and the mind that develops from that fusion is yet another degree of complexity. Humans do have so much in common with each other, much more than most realize, but their minds are not one of those things. Let me illustrate one last concept to help you understand this better. You believe that you are thinking in your own language, correct?”

Sure, I think in English, and my inner dialog is the same. I’d be pretty sure that everyone in any country around the world thinks in their native language, whatever it is.

“Therefore, by your reasoning, the deaf must not be able to think at all, or enjoy an inner dialog either – yet, clearly they do.”

Well, they probably think in images I guess.

“Then those that are unfortunately both deaf and blind must not be able to think.”

I’m not saying that, I just don’t know how they do it. I really can’t even begin to imagine how they think about things, it must be really different.

“I am not trying to trap you Thomas, I am only showing you that despite lack of both verbal language and sight, humans manage to think, and think well too. This is the complexity I was speaking of, the amazing plasticity and resilience of the human mind. The soul will not be diminished by physical impairments, it will find a way to be known.”

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