Conversations with Omen XI

We’ve spoken recently about the number of lives on earth some souls live through, and I’d like to ask a couple of questions about that, if you don’t mind.

“Ask what you wish to, Thomas.”

Well, I’m sure you know that there’s a huge number of people here who believe in reincarnation, I think at least one major religion teaches that it’s a fact. I was just thinking about how the followers of reincarnation also usually believe in karma too. If someone does something bad to someone else, sooner or later something bad happens to them too. Well, at least it’s something like that, I’m certainly no expert, but that’s the gist anyway. I think some also believe that if you live an evil life this time you’ll live a miserable one the next go-around. What I was wondering was, is any of that even remotely true?

“Just as you realize that your explanation is a generalization of the beliefs of a spiritual group, my answer to your question may also seem general and non-specific. The general notion of reincarnation is clearly based upon a soul’s life-journeys on earth, and it is generally true. But, the absoluteness in your description of karma is most definitely not how things work in a soul’s journey of growth. One might think from the way you described it that karma is just a delayed ‘eye for an eye’ concept of justice. This is not at all what the teachings of many religions and philosophies are saying. Like many spiritual and religious ideas, the meaning of karma has been modified over time – often manipulated to serve the purposes of those doing the teaching.”

So the people in power will change the meaning of it to make people behave in a certain way?

“Yes, that is one of the ways it happens, but sometimes the meanings are just altered slightly to fit the belief systems of the group, or person, doing the teachings. If you can allow yourself to imagine far enough back in your history, to a time when teachings were in the oral tradition, you can understand how meanings shifted from teacher to teacher. Yet, even when religious tenants and philosophies were written, they were still subject to reinterpretation by those who did the transcribing, or those who paid to have it done.”

Okay, I get that part, but how does, or did, karma really work?

“Again, I am not so much describing karma as an actuality, but trying to elucidate for you how the concept came to be. Even in its original definition, karma does somewhat dovetail into your understandings of justice and fairness. Humans, as far back in your history as you may go, have always had a notion of fairness. Therefore, they also understood unfairness as well, as they cannot really be parted from each other. People would naturally observe incidents of unfairness and feel that what they were witnessing did not feel ‘right’. This would lead to the idea that fairness was a more desirable way to have things.”

“Karma became an accepted idea many centuries ago, when people first were creating stories explaining why things were they way they were. With the concept of fairness in mind, karma became a favored concept amongst people who were treated unfairly. It became an idea that brought hope to many people who were not of a privileged stature or class. Those people would imagine that the very ones mistreating them would themselves one day pay a comeuppance for their evil deeds. Add to that the idea that if one practiced good deeds towards others, they would be rewarded at some future time. These concepts brought great hope to those who might have otherwise had very little of it, but they do not reflect or describe how the soul journey actually works.”

So, the Pure Love isn’t keeping score and doing its best to make everything fair?

“No Thomas, the Pure Love may know how one’s soul journey is progressing, but does not interfere with the earthbound. I think you will remember our discussion about what you judge as right and wrong, and how that does not apply on this side. There are myriad reasons as to why a human would be unfair, mean or even cruel to others – and even more complexities as to how that fits into so many other soul journeys. Remember that one human’s cruelty may exist to teach ten thousand others to rise up against such behavior and endeavor to diminish it in the future.”

Sometimes there seems like there’s a high price to pay for such a lesson. Hitler was one seriously evil man and millions of people died before he was finally overthrown. That would be unbelievably screwed-up if it was just to teach everyone a world-lesson on the ills of dictatorships.

“I would not, and could not, tell you that there was only one simple lesson in such a horrific world event as that Thomas. Your ability to condense an unfathomably complex event into a two dimensional occurrence is startling I must say. You cannot reduce historical world events down to such a simple question. The deeds that humans do, both terrible and good, are not scripted events as in a play or movie. I know I have told you that there are some major life events that a soul may be aware of before they become earthbound, but that is in no way indicating that all living beings are just going through an elaborate script. Every single life is has control of their destiny and is free to choose their path.”

So, then in some other scenario Hitler could have been hit by a car back when he was young, and the world would have been saved from all his crazy murdering?

“Certainly, or he could have chosen to take his own life, had he been suffering from depression or some other malady. But, this sort of reimagining of the past is pointless other than to illustrate the truth of complete free-will amongst you. A better use of the imagination is to picture the endless possibilities of one’s future.”

I’ve got to admit that I’ve never believed in predestination, even though a lot pf people talk about it like it’s a given. Preachers espousing ‘God’s will’ for this or that, it’s always seemed more like they’re just telling people what they want, but using God’s name. But, according to you the Pure Love doesn’t magically communicate his wishes to the earthbound souls.

“That is true Thomas, the concept of ‘God’s will’ is a unique human construct. If there were any communications of what the Pure Love did, or did not want from people, more likely it would be a guide such as myself that would be the one to deliver a message. Again, that is just fodder for the imagination, as I have told you that the Pure Love does not interfere here. I do wish to reassure you of one thing Thomas, most souls follow their life paths that they agreed upon before becoming earthbound. It is usually only under very extreme and unpredictable circumstances that an earthbound soul diverts from the path that was chosen.”

So, no ‘rogue’ souls huh?

“In all of my time as a guide I have witnessed very few willfully misguided souls. The few I can think of mostly chose paths that were better for them overall. Although they diverted from what they had set out to do originally, they ended up living lives that were richer and fuller than they had set out to. When their earthbound time ended, they and their guides were usually both quite pleased.”

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