Conversations with Omen XIII

“I am afraid that we were sidetracked from your original question, but I assure you that I have not forgotten it. I am somewhat unsure of the scope of your question though, whether you mean the creation story of your species, or were you speaking of the entire universe?”

Can we do both? I was originally thinking about just the earth and humans, but since you mentioned it, the creation of the universe has always interested me as well. Can we start with that first, since that seems to be how things went anyways?

“Certainly Thomas. Once again I must caution you that I do not possess the entirety of knowledge of the events you wish to know about, but I think I do know enough to at least satisfy some of your curiosity.”

Great, let’s start with the Big Bang theory and how all of that got started.

“That is a most evocative title for a theory of the beginning of the current universe, yet I must dispel the notion of a massive explosion being at the heart of that creation.”

What? You’re saying that tens of thousands of physicists are wrong about how things got started here?

“I am not attacking your physics in some broader sense Thomas, just the theory of how the current universe came to be. The vast majority of human physics is well-researched good science, and has been reviewed and confirmed many times over. Yet, there are a small number of the most far reaching theories that are at least partially incorrect. I say that not to disparage any of the brilliant scientists who do such work, but to enlighten you, Thomas, to the notion that not all is what it seems. Effects do not always trace directly back to the absolute cause.”

So, they could be close to the truth, but just off a little? I can buy that, it’s largely how science works anyway, so I’ve got no argument with it. That being said, what’s the real story?

“All of the materials that you know as this universe were always here, that much I am positive about. When and how the Pure Love organized it into the current configuration, I do not have as much information about. Yet, I do believe that the term ‘organized’ is the best word for what was done. Making the purposeful from the idol, organizing the chaos in to something wonderful and useful, all of which was, or still is, part of a plan that I only have partial knowledge of.”

Okay, I get it, all of the building blocks were here already, the Pure Love just used them to make what we know as the universe from all of that. That’s not too hard to understand, but it also seems like you’re saying that this was just an enormous empty space before it was made useful.

“I am always amazed at how the earthbound are obsessed by beginnings and endings. As I mentioned earlier, there are many other possibilities, including that idea that some things have always been. When the purpose of something changes, often it is immediately seen as something different than it was. Yet, it is the same materials, the same foundations that existed always – just reorganized and used differently.”

Like taking sand and making it into glass, right?

“That analogy will suffice.”

Okay, but what was the ‘sand’ in your story?

“You have heard of what your scientists refer to as Dark Matter, and Dark Energy? They are the ‘sand’ in this analogy, the very building blocks of all that you know.”

Yeah, I’ve read about those, but I thought they were really just more speculation than actual theory.

“As I said, much of your physics are absolutely accurate.”

Wow, that’s pretty cool actually; I wish I could tell somebody that they’re right.

“Scientists will actually prove that in the very near future. I am not at all sure that your confirmation would assist them in their efforts.”

I was kidding Omen, I wasn’t really serious. Let’s get back to the creation story though, about something that’s more near and dear to me; the earth and human life?

“You may recall that I have already told you that there is much life in the universe that you are in now. Much of that life has existed for a greater period of time than life on earth has, but each are just as important as the others. A concept to keep in mind is that all life, no matter where it is, all exist for the benefit of soul growth. Each and every world that supports life was made to foster the soul journey that every soul is on.”

Then the earth is just another place, among many, that we live lives on? How many other worlds are there that have life on them?

“Yes to your first question, the earth is one among many places that souls live their lives on. As to your next question, I do not have an accurate answer for you. If you would be satisfied with a very general answer, I can tell you that it is in the thousands – or tens of thousands. Though, there is a strong chance that I am aware only of a portion of a much larger number.”

That’s amazing, am I the only one on earth that knows about this?

“It is likely that you are, but I cannot account for what other souls know, or at least believe in during their lives. Remember Thomas that you are the only one who has found your way past the veil of the afterlife. The mere fact that you and I converse as we do is an unprecedented event in human history. Furthermore, add to this that we have been allowed to continue on in this manner – well, that too is unprecedented.”

I hope you’re not telling me that because I am somehow abusing our relationship with all of my questions. I just figured that since I can talk to you as often as I do, I might as well see if I can get some answers to questions that cross my mind all the time. I don’t want to put you in an awkward position though, or get you in trouble. I just believe that if I asked you something I shouldn’t know about you’d tell me right away.

“Yes, of course I would tell you if there were any boundaries that were crossed, or about to be. Please though, do not be concerned with either of us ‘getting in trouble’ as you said. There is no trouble to be gotten in to, Thomas. I am always mindful of the information I give to you as I would never wish to compromise the natural progression of your soul journey.”

Well, I guess in a way I’ve done that myself already. Back when I first saw you, Seth and Kirk, I think I changed the natural progression of my journey.

“That is not necessarily true Thomas, as that event in itself may truly be your soul’s natural progression. Just because something is unusual, or has not been done before, does not make it unnatural.”

Hey, I might be the first person in a new evolution of people who will be able to contact their soul guides when they want to! I never thought of it like that before.

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