Conversations with Omen XV

If we’re all part of the Pure Love, and we’re on our journeys to become more enlightened souls here, how come we have so many imperfections?

“Imperfections? I am not completely clear on how you mean it when you use that word. Do you mean that in general humans have various issues to work through?”

Okay, I suppose using the term ‘imperfections’ implies that I think somehow we could be perfect, but that’s not what I really mean. I guess I mean that we all have struggles we go through, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. I know we spoke once about the lives of the disabled, but this time I was thinking about something more personal or internal. Even something like a broken heart can be super hard for people to get over, and the emotional pain is very real.

“I think I see now what you are asking me, and there is no simple answer Thomas. I think you already know that in the general sense every earthbound soul goes through innumerable emotional challenges in their lives. I suspect that you are indirectly asking me about your own personal emotional challenges.”

I don’t know, maybe I am – maybe that’s my process, to indirectly inquire about the lives of others so I can garner insight into my own crap. Either way, I guess I just wonder about the major emotional crisis we go through here, even something like the feeling of loneliness can be a pretty crippling state of mind for some.

“Indeed, loneliness is often one of the most disturbing emotions that humans will feel in their lives. There are, of course, various kinds of loneliness that people experience, but all involve a disconnected feeling from something, or someone. As souls in the afterlife, one is never disconnected from anything – we are in constant contact with all others and the Pure Love.”

Really, there’s no privacy there?

“Thomas, the idea of privacy is an earthbound concept and has no useful meaning here. Where you are privacy indicates that there are things, behaviors, or thoughts that one wishes to not have exposed to others. That is a foreign concept here, we don’t need anything like that when we all are in the light of the Pure Love.”

Well, let me ask this then; can you think of something and keep it to yourself? Is that possible, or even allowed?

“Yes, that is possible, and it is not forbidden in any way. My interactions with you are kept mostly to myself, and only shared with a few others. But, that is not because there is something shameful or diminishing about this, it was at the request of my own guide. I believe that the decision was based upon the unusualness of our situation, and not because it needs to remain a secret.”

Man, this communal communication and connectedness you describe is one of the hardest things for me to absorb in a meaningful way. It’s so completely different from the way the human mind works, and how we socialize here. I mean, generally speaking we like our privacy, and having our thoughts remain our own. I can’t even imagine what chaos I’d cause if the people around me suddenly knew every thought I was thinking. I have some pretty bizarre and random thoughts sometimes.

“What you are describing is a phenomenon of the human mind, and it does not apply here. If your memory was a bit more clear about what things are like in the afterlife, you would know that we do not experience random thoughts, nor bizarre ones either.”

Okay, this is interesting to me, and again, kind of hard to absorb quickly. One reason is that I have always associated my creativity with random thoughts. My writing ideas, my humor and even my creative cooking ideas have almost all come from random thoughts. It’s hard to picture not having those. You lived some earthbound lives, can you remember having sudden random thoughts and ideas?

“Yes, of course I do, but from the perspective of where I am now, it does not seem all too unusual that we do not have that. Truthfully, Thomas, I do not believe that the situations you have described are quite as random as you imagine they are. Even other humans have described the very same things as ‘sudden inspirations’ or ‘flashes of brilliance’ at various times. It is you that has decided that they are random-thoughts, as a way of explaining their existence, but that does not make it a fact.”

Well, that’s interesting too. Inspirations sound nicer to me actually, and thinking that they might not be totally random is kind of cool. I suspected, on some level, that calling them random thoughts was shorting myself on credit. I don’t say that like I’m needing pats on the back, but just entertaining how I might really be creating some good stuff with my own brain.

“It might be that you have an inner belief that all creativity comes through a process somewhat like solving a mathematics problem. Therefore if you suddenly have an idea about something new, you choose to attribute it to a random thought.”

Yeah, I can see that now. I’m pretty sure you hit the nail on the head there Omen, that’s exactly what I do. I guess I’d hear stories about people like Shakespeare, or Hemmingway, or even famous musicians, and I’d get this mental picture of them slaving over an idea for months. I could picture them agonizing over details and structures, and being perfectionists about the whole process. All in my own imagination, and not based on anything I’d read about them. It was just my idea about how the super-creative do their work.

“That is an excellent realization Thomas; I do think you would be surprised about how much of what you accept as fact is merely comfortable fabrications you have created in lieu of actual fact. As I say that, I also understand that it is possibly not the best mental position to be in to constantly question the validity of your own beliefs. Perhaps it is best just to have glimpsed at how this process works, and scrutinize on a case by case basis.”

Now I’m wondering about what other preconceived notions I have that are clouding my understanding of how things really are. I mean it’s not like I think I should see everything in its purest form, but I hope I’m not kidding myself about a lot of crap either. How would I really know, Omen?

“A very difficult question to answer, and you already know that I am cautious about answering queries you pose if my answer might alter your future choices. I can say this much, a well know adage in your society used to be ‘question everything’ – it is still sound advice.”

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