Conversations with Omen XVII

I don’t remember as much about the afterlife as you think I do, mostly it’s just some feelings and sounds, I guess. What do people look like there? Will I see my parents just like they were the last time I saw them here, or some younger idealized version of them?

“Thomas, perhaps I truly have been thinking that you remember more than you actually do, I apologize for that. Although I do want to assure you that remembering feelings and sounds from the afterlife is extraordinary in itself. It also comprises a great deal of what the afterlife is to us, I am afraid it is somewhat less visual than you are imagining. You are applying uniquely human qualities to the souls of the afterlife, and that simply isn’t accurate. We are souls here, pure energy created by the Pure Love, and we can be whatever we choose to be here.”

Oh, that’s kind of cool though.

“I hope it will not disappoint you too much to know that most souls do not choose to manifest as anything more than their natural state – which to you would resemble a small sphere of light. Yet, as I said, we can choose to manifest ourselves in almost any manner we choose to. This form that I am appearing in now is by my own choice, and I did so to make you the most comfortable in my presence.”

I guess I thought that this is how you always look, whether you’re here or there. You kind of look like a Roman senator from the Julius Caesar days.

“You are essentially correct about that Thomas. I was indeed a senator of Rome, but not during the reign of Julius Caesar – many years before he was born. I chose this image because I thought it the most relatable one for you to accept. I also lived a very satisfying earthbound life in this form, and it was my last life lived here as well. I do hope you do not feel deceived by this information.”

No, not at all, it’s pretty fascinating actually. Wow, you were a senator, that’s pretty cool in my book, I bet you did some great things. Man, that just triggered a bunch of new questions in my mind, but I don’t want to get too far away from the first topic just yet. So, if you chose this form to appear to me in, you’re kind of saying that you could have chosen almost anything else?

“Essentially, yes. Although I would always choose a form that would be acceptable to you, and not something so foreign that you would be frightened by me. I certainly would not choose to manifest as a life form you have never seen before, that wouldn’t make sense. Just as if I were to need to manifest to a different being of another world, I would choose to appear as one of their familiars.”

So, when on Mars, do as the Martians do, huh?

“That is an amusing corollary Thomas, but you are basically correct in your thinking. But, in the afterlife you and I might just choose to be our natural soul-selves. We would have no need to appear as anything else. The same would be true if you were in contact with the souls that were your parents in your life here, you would still recognize them easily because you have known them for so long. Their energy and their love is very familiar to you, as yours is to them too.”

That makes sense, I guess. But, it also sounds like you’re saying that we don’t really ‘see’ each other there. It seems like you’re describing the souls as feeling each other more than seeing.

“That is the uniquely human quality I mentioned earlier. You are imagining eyes where there are none, yet that does not strictly mean we do not see. This is difficult, but let me use an example if I may. In your mind you can picture almost anything that you have ever seen, and also many things that you have not. Yet, you are not actually seeing those images with your eyes are you? Humans use the term ‘mind’s eye’ sometimes to describe seeing images in their imaginations; that is somewhat similar to how it works here. I hope that helps you understand this a bit more.”

Yeah, actually that helps a lot. I guess because I am a human right now I tend to think of everything in those terms. All I know is that I really was picturing that I would visually see my loved ones when I got to the afterlife. There was a lot about that particular idea that didn’t really make sense though, so your explanation actually cleared up the questions. I don’t ‘see’ my mom as she was here, I’ll feel her energy and familiar presence when we meet again.

“Yes, very good Thomas, I am beginning to think that you remember a bit more about the afterlife than you led me to believe.”

Just to clarify something; once I’m there, my mother isn’t really my mother, is she? I mean, it’s a soul I know, or will remember that I know once I’m there. But, it’s not like I’m going to feel just like I felt about her here, back when she was alive, right?

“You are correct in your thinking Thomas, but keep something in mind – something you have not thought of yet; the feelings you will experience in the reunion with that soul will likely outstrip by far the mother image you remember. Reuniting with a soul that you have known for such a very long time is a fantastic experience, lifetimes replay between you in mere moments. All of the contacts and various relationships you have had come back in an instant, and the associated emotions are deep and satisfying.”

You’re saying that we instantly recall all of the lives that we’ve had together, no matter what our relationship was? That’s pretty interesting actually, especially if we’ve been a lot of different things to each other. I mean, I’m guess that we could have been anything and everything with all of the souls we’ve been with, right? Mother – son, husband – wife, cousins, or anything and everything else.

“Yes Thomas, that too is correct. Soul lives are lived at different times and not always in a linear timeline. You could have been the mother to that same soul in your last lives here, or even passing acquaintances that only briefly knew each other. The amazing part is being able to see all of those lives and how they intersected each time. It is quite amazing.”

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