Conversations with Omen XIX

Omen, I know you’ve said that you can’t reveal the future to me, and I’m not exactly thinking that, but I was wondering if you could tell me about the most amazing place you’ve ever lived a life at?

“I am not being intentionally difficult when I tell you that the term ‘amazing’ is very subjective to the user of the word. Yet, I have known you in this life long enough to be able to have a good idea of what it is that you might think of as amazing. Recalling the final life I lived on this earth as a starting point, I can think of a very different place that I am fairly sure you would be amazed by. That amazement would only be felt by you if you were transported there as your current self, so you could experience the contrast with this life.”

I get it, if I were born into some super amazing place, I wouldn’t know the difference because that would be all I had ever experienced, right?

“Exactly, if one has never experienced pain, one cannot truly imagine what the relief from pain feels like. Given that you understand what I am saying, I can tell you some things about a life I lived in a place that I am sure will astound you. Please understand that in the physical sense it was a vastly different place than earth, both in the life forms there, and the natural environment. Where things were similar to your life here were in the social or communal senses. The beings there live together in large groups much like cities you are so familiar with. They have social structures, governments and various different cultures depending where you were on the planet.”

Do they look anything like we do here?

“Only in the most general sense, but let us not get into that now. Those are not the kind of differences that I wish to focus upon. In fact, let me approach this from a different angle altogether. I would like you to try and imagine some things that I will describe, and perhaps you can give me your opinion on them?”

Sure, that sounds easy enough. Go ahead.

“Can you imagine living in a society where there are no crimes committed whatsoever? A society where all of the beings respect all others as their complete and utter equals?”

Seriously? Wow, um, I mean no, I guess I can’t really imagine that being real, not here at least. No one ever doing anything bad or criminally wrong? That’s pretty hard to imagine ever happening on earth, not in my lifetime anyway.

“I am perfectly serious Thomas. I am also taking much liberty with the term ‘crimes’ since it encompasses a set of rules made by a specific society. I am speaking in the general sense though, but I am not limiting this to capital crimes either. I am speaking of all crimes, both large and small ones. There is such a place, and compared to life here, I know it sounds quite fantastic. In this place I speak of you could misplace something very valuable, even in a public space, and whomever found it would exhaust themselves attempting to return it to you. It was as if the idea was universally accepted that if something was not yours it had to be returned to the person it belonged to. No one there would have ever considered keeping something that was not their own.”

No way, I have to admit that’s pretty amazing. I really can’t imagine that ever happening here, not in a thousand years. I mean, I know there’s good people here, ones who would return a wallet they found, or a wedding ring, but that’s still pretty rare. And, if even a good person finds a wad of cash, well I think that’s damn hard to resist the temptation to just keep it.

“I agree completely Thomas, as things were not all that different during the time I last spent in an earthbound life. That is why I thought of this specific example, a culture so very different than your own that it is hard for you to imagine it.”

Everyone there was like that? I mean, weren’t there some misfits there? What about someone who just wanted to go against everything for no good reason – like an anarchist here?

“No Thomas, there simply were not any deviants there, not even one. In the particular society I am speaking of, they all took great pride in being like everyone else was. That is not to say that they were not individuals, they were not clones, nor did they all look alike either. They did have their individuality when it came to personal aspects, but socially they had very solidly shared universal values. No crimes committed, no violence, no harassments, no belittling or insulting, no inequality in any way. They were all quite supportive of each other, and all their knowledge was shared freely and gladly. There were no social hierarchies to contend with and very few civic ones either. Of the governmental and legal structures that they did have, all were designed to minimize any possible discriminations or inequalities.”

That’s pretty amazing, I’m really having a hard time imagining living in a place like that. I guess, like you said, if I was born into it I simply wouldn’t know any different. Damn, I kind of wish we would evolve towards something like that here. I’d love to live in a society that was crime free, violence free, and super equal. Seriously, I’m just enjoying the thought of being able to go wherever I would want to go and never fearing crime or violence.

“There is actually more to tell about this place if you’d like to hear it.”

Yeah, absolutely, please go on.

“They also hold very strong beliefs about helping their fellow citizens, and all participate in many different social enhancement programs. Furthermore all of that is done voluntarily simple in order to make their society function at the highest level.”

That’s really cool, all the people volunteering to help others – just because it’s the right thing to do. That’s just awesome, and it’s like the cherry on top of the sundae. But, I’m still back at the ‘no crime’ part in my mind. I can’t stop imagining how that would feel if it were true here. I mean it would reduce the fear level in any given city down to some level we’ve never known. Having zero fears about crime or violence, it just makes me so happy to fantasize about it. Please be absolutely serious with me now Omen, no one there ever goes nuts and kills other people?

“No Thomas, at least not for such a period of time than those alive there would remember. You have to realize something, they are brought up from their childhood hearing stories and folklore that involve no violence at all. No stories such as the ones here that contain violence justified by the outcome of the tale. No morality plays that feature it, no legends that embellish it in any way. They hear stories of good people doing good things for others, or living good lives just for the sake of happiness.”

Okay, even if I can absorb all of that, I still have to wonder about how it is that no one goes crazy there. Don’t they have mental illness? What about depression or even impulsive teenagers who do something dangerous and end up killing some people?

“To answer in specific would be time consuming, so rather let me say that I did not mean to indicate that there are not accidental deaths there, because there certainly are some. As for mental illness it is a bit more complicated and may not actually be comparable. What you refer to is a human condition that is somewhat unique to life here. A simple answer would be ‘no’ they do not have what you think of as mental illness there.”

That might be as amazing in itself as everything you’ve told me about that place so far. You were right about the choice of the place you have told me about, it really is pretty unbelievable. I hope I get to choose a life there someday, and I also hope that some tiny part of my life I’m living here stays in my memory so I can appreciate it all the more.

“That is quite a lot to hope for Thomas, but I do appreciate the wish you have.”

Do you think we will ever get to be like that here?

“I can not speculate on such things Thomas, so very much would have to change to make that a possibility on earth.

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