Conversations with Omen XX

Can the souls on the other side hear, or read my thoughts Omen?

“The souls on this side generally cannot read your mind Thomas, but I can if I choose to. Other guides could also do the same if they had need to, but they generally do not. Even when it is only concerning myself and one of my students, I do so very cautiously.”

Woah, so you can get inside my head and know what I’m thinking whenever you want to?

“I believe you are simplifying things a bit, but what you are stating is essentially correct in fact. Please understand that I do not do so capriciously, but only under circumstances where I feel it is necessary. Furthermore, we are joined at the mind right now as we communicate presently. You are choosing to respond to me verbally, and you are also choosing to believe that I am doing the same, yet I am not. As I had mentioned in an earlier conversation, I am pure spirit, manifesting in a form that you can see and understand. I do not have a corporeal body, nor any true way of making vocal sounds. I am directing my thoughts into your mind, and you are choosing to see my mouth move to match what I am saying to you.”

Seriously? You’re using telepathy to talk to me? Wow, I am having a hard time understanding how I am the one who is making me see your mouth move, or how I can think I hear you when you’re making no actual sounds.

“The mind is a wonderful thing Thomas, quite capable of creating a reality that you are more comfortable with, as opposed to what seems more abstract. Your mind is hearing me in a manner of speaking, but not your ears. To further compensate for the oddness, your brain also sees my mouth moving as well. I assure you that if you could calm yourself mentally, quiet your mind and accept that what I am telling you is factual, you might see things as they actually are.”

You know, I think I’m totally okay with what my mind is doing right now. Maybe after some more time passes, and if we keep doing this, I’ll give that a shot and see what happens. But, besides you, other souls who are there can’t really do that, right?

“Yes Thomas, that is correct. Are you troubled by the idea that your mind can be read?”

I wouldn’t say troubled, but I have always wondered about it. Well, that’s not completely true, I started wondering about it after my mom passed away. I remember thinking about it just a couple of days after she passed, I had this feeling that she would suddenly know everything.

“Know everything? How do you mean that?”

It’s like she’d be able to look at my whole life, like seeing a documentary on the TV or something. She’d be able to not only see things about me she never could have, but also know all of my thoughts I’d ever had in my life.

“Then I am happy to be able to calm you concerning this, now that you know her soul could not read your thoughts. Yet, if she chose to, she could actually attend your life timeline from your past to present.”

Wait, what? She can review my life? She’d be able to watch me like a movie or something?

“Thomas, I am suddenly concerned about your obvious distress over this. Was there a particular event that you would prefer be forever hidden from all others? I believe we discussed the lack of judgement that those of us in the afterlife practice. I do believe that if she chose to attend your timeline, it would have been out of love for you. In addition, she would be seeing much of her own past as she did so.”

I don’t know, I am sure there are a few things I either did, or thought, that I wouldn’t want to be known. I mean, I also realize now that I am mixing my feelings about my real mother with the soul that was her – does that make sense?

“Yes Thomas, I do understand you. Indeed, the human woman who was your mother was probably better off not knowing your every thought or deed. This applies to the majority of human relationship connections, for to know the private thoughts of every other individual would be a serious burden. I believe that if you think about it for some time you will agree that humans have all manner of random thoughts that are sometimes difficult to understand even by the one who had them. The soul that was your mother, on the other hand, has a completely different perspective concerning your life. She had life goals to achieve throughout her time on earth, and a review of your lives together is a tool we use to measure the success of those goals.”

So, if she was looking over my life it was probably overall a review of her own entire life here?

“Yes, exactly right Thomas. The soul that was your mother in this lifetime of yours has been with you for a very long time. Some of your life goals were intertwined, but most were not. In any case though, that soul would not be reviewing your life together or yours alone, for any reasons involving judgement. There is only love here Thomas, only progress and growth – not negativity or judgement.”

That’s pretty amazing, I wish things here were more like that. I also probably should figure out why I am worrying about someone knowing my thoughts, or knowing too much about my past. It’s not like I’m some former serial killer or anything, but I can admit that I haven’t exactly been a boy scout my entire life either.

“Thomas, you are like every other soul on this planet; none are perfect, all are learning, and most will be back again to continue their journey. I believe that you tend to forget that you have already established yourself as something unique already. Just the fact that I am here with you now is a testament to your uniqueness. I also hope that you know, or will know, that I am with you at all times, you can call upon me whenever you feel the need.”

Um, yeah, that both helps, and it doesn’t too. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I really love our time together, you’ve taught me so much about things I’ve never even thought about before. But, there’s also something about never truly being alone that is kind of odd. I know some people would absolutely love the idea of never being alone, and I’m not completely sure that I don’t as well… It’s that ‘never’ part that gets to me I guess. Never alone, ever. It’s probably a silly human thing that I’ll get over soon, but I’d be lying if I didn’t at least acknowledge it.

“I do appreciate your candor and honesty Thomas.”

I just thought of one more thing, another of my ‘odd questions’ for you; when we talk about souls, or spirits, are those the terms you use there?

“No Thomas, they are not. I am not sure that there is a name, or a label for what we are here, at least not one that we all use collectively. We know who and what we are, and I suppose that is quite enough for us. I will take this opportunity to tell you that in all of the conversations we have had, I have always used terms that you are familiar with. I do appreciate that you have a desire to know the real meaning, or the actual term for things. Yet, you must remember that you are human, an American, and you speak and think in English. Clearly it would not do our communication any good for me to use terms you are unfamiliar with. It would be as if you met someone from a different country that does not speak your language, you would not understand very much of what they were trying to communicate to you. The same applies here, I very much want you to understand everything I am telling you, so I use the words and terminologies that are most familiar to you.”

I guess I must have known that on some level since you already told me that your last life here was as a Roman senator. You didn’t even speak English at all I bet.

“No, I did not. In fact, I never heard the language in any of my earthbound lives.”

Wow, that puts things into perspective for me. Your last life was before the Roman people discovered the English. That’s wild. Hey, what about people praying? I mean, I know it’s a religious thing, but not exclusively so; people pray directly to God, or to dead family members. Do you all somehow ‘hear’ those prayers?

“Praying, as you know it, is somewhat different than normal human thinking. As I said, I am able to read your thoughts, yet only do so when I feel it is necessary. What you call praying is more like a direct and intentional communication to another being. It is most often a very concentrated and repeated plea for something specific. If you were to do that, and be thinking of me, then my answer is yes, I certainly would receive your communication. The same would hold true with your former family members, providing the soul was here, and not living a bound-life somewhere.”

That’s actually pretty cool, I’m not sure I’ve actually done that, but it’s good to know I could send a direct thought to someone who’s passed on. But, what about the religious folks who pray to God, or even Gods plural? Who gets that kind of communication?

“I am not sure I can answer that particular question with any specificity that would satisfy you. The Pure Love does indeed receive communications directed to it, no matter the name one attaches. God, or Gods, even natural forces and obscure things are prayed to every minute, and all are received.”

I know this is harder to answer, but I’m curious; does praying help? I mean, do people get prayers answered? If I pray to the Pure Love to help a sick friend, does that ever happen?

“That is not actually a difficult answer Thomas, and I bet that you already know the answer yourself. Praying to anyone or anything will not change the course of a soul’s journey. If a soul has a life where they eventually contract some fatal condition, it will not be altered by appeals to the afterlife.”

But, sometimes it does seem to work – at least to us mere mortals anyway. I have read stories about when an entire church of people prays for another member’s recovery, and it’s worked.

“Thomas, I think you can already surmise that it is simply coincidence in those cases. The Pure Love does not reach out and reverse a fate for a soul in order to please others. That soul’s shortened life may be key to many other soul journeys of those affected by that passing.”


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