Race Riot

The city I currently live in announced that our new police chief “has already made history, because he’s Asian!” (The exclamation was actually in the voice of the news reader) As I heard that I couldn’t help but recalling a moment just under 8 years ago, when we were told the same thing about our new President. He was making history as the first black President of the US. History… wow. History making because they’re not white. 

I felt something like a mild depression overcome me just about then. The fact that it’s historical that a person of a non-white race was elected, promoted, nominated, etc… As the kids say, WTF?? In just my lifetime I have been witness to the civil rights movement, women’s liberation, the sexual revolution, and all of the LBGT triumphs & tragedies.  This is all great news for social progress, but it’s also an indicator of just how backward we’ve been; and in many cases still are. 

Our new President-Elect has been labeled as a racist (true, or untrue is still yet to be seen), or at least appealing to the groups in this country who admittiedly are. It just amazes me that even a portion of the civilized, educated, modern human beings of this time in history, are still racists. They don’t like people who aren’t white people. Un-fucking-believable! It really is, to me at least. I just can’t wrap my mind around the concept that people still hate others because of the color of their skin. It’s asinine, in my opinion. Asinine, ignorant and backwards; all in one. I doubt that those who do embrace racism realize how it reflects on them, that is instantly displays their unbelievable ignorance. 

Would it change them if they did realize that? I doubt it. If you can get comfortable with being a racist, then I imagine you think the rest of us are ‘commie sympathizers’ or something along those lines. Perhaps they think we’re all ignorant too, that we just can’t see the evils of those other races? Maybe they feel sorry for us, and believe that they’re eventually going to protect us from our own bleeding hearts? I cannot say with any conviction, because I don’t actually know any real, openly racist people. In an oddly scientific way, I think it might be interesting to meet one, have a dialogue with them… were that a possibility. 

Somehow I don’t see that dialogue remaining calm and civil for any extended period of time. Race discussions are like politics or religion as a topic, just not a good idea unless the conditions are nearly perfect. That means two rational people who can put their emotional passions in-check for the duration. That’s not an easy thing for most people, not even for me. Yet, I still think I’d like that to happen someday. I have a notion that it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to poke a whole bunch of holes into their theories. Beliefs based on stereotypes and lies are not very hard to debate into submission, assuming that both sides can remain good natured. 

Judging other people based upon how they look, where they’re from, or who they worship, is so backwards, we might as well be living in caves still. We don’t deserve all of this technology, or creature comforts – not until we shed those ugly social maladies. 

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