I’m Listening…

“For years we’ve tried the direct approach, mailings, census’ and surveys, but always with limited overall success. Sure, you can  ask someone what they think about a specific topic, but if they sense you’re connected to whatever, or whomever is asking, they change their answers to please you. It’s some psychological bullshit we humans just do unconsciously, we’re generally not even aware of it. Answers like that are useless to what we’re really after Sam, we need the unvarnished truth in order to keep a finger on the pulse of this country.

You’ve got to make the people want to give up their privacy Sam. I knew it as soon as I saw that Faces website. I mean, damn it, here was a place where people were not only voluntarily registering their basic personal information, but then, of their own volition they were opening up their entire lives. I know most still think it was only open to their little circle of friends, or family, but that’s actually the best part. They really and truly believe that, to this very day despite what the press tells them. It’s like they’re imagining some little privacy dome that surrounds their daily rantings so no one else sees it but the people they’re friends with.
I couldn’t have dreamed up a better idea myself, and I’ve had some damned sneaky ones too. An international website where people post their innermost thoughts and opinions every goddamned day. Sure, we have to do some sorting through their inane photos of every fucking food item they guzzle down at mealtime, but it’s a small price to pay to get a sideline seat to everything else. Every affair, whether real or imagined; every purchase they make, every opinion they have about almost everything, and so much more.

It’s like being the priest in a confessional of the entire global population! Confession is good for the soul, and it’s also damned good for your government too!
And the money to be made, don’t even get me started about that. We can compile custom data reports to satisfy almost any need. Television advertisers chomp at the bit for our latest data. They comb through our reports like they’re panning for gold, and in some ways they really are. Why they can adjust their spending by only buying ad time at the most desirable moments. Haven’t you noticed that no one is buying ad time during the nightly news anymore? That’s because of us, and the data we provide. Some other examples are; you’ll always see reruns during any holiday period, or when there’s some other programming that is a known dominant – such as the basketball finals, or big bowl games. Networks don’t want to ‘waste’ their new product, and the higher ad money they bring in, running against something that will beat them in the ratings.
We can offer them statistical proof of exactly when they will get the most for their money. From the big networks to the upcoming cable channels, we can give them the value-added for their advertising dollar.
Another great feature we discovered is that we have an easy way to test new ideas now. We simply float a ‘news leak’ about whatever it is we’re looking to test, and within hours we’ve got useful data! I figure as long as we keep the NSA as the primary boogey-men for folks to worry about, we’ll stay nearly invisible to everyone.”