“Adam, you were the one who thought I should get LO tattooed on my right knee, and VE on the left one. Just so you could make jokes about ‘spreading the love’. You’ve never actually grown up Adam, and I’m tired of waiting for that to happen.” Janet said.

“Oh, come on now! You used to laugh a lot at my ideas, and it was all for fun anyways Hon. How come, all of the sudden, you’re Mary Poppins?” He asked.

“Jesus Adam, even that question is juvenile. Look, I’m 28 years old, and you’re 31 for God’s sake. It just seems like it’s time we behaved more like adults, and you started acting like someone who actually loves and respects me.”

“Damn, you’re insatiable. I just loved you last night, and you already want more?”

“Fuck off Adam, that might be the last ‘loving’ you get from me if you don’t take this seriously!” Janet shouted.

“What the fuck? What’s up your ass now? Are we back to you not liking my jokes, or the way I dress, or how much pot I smoke? What is it now Miss High and Mighty? Because I’ll tell you something, I’m getting kind of tired of this same old argument. Are you on the rag again? Fuck, I should go camping once a month while you’re on the cotton-pony.”

“Have you lost your fucking mind? Are you such a moron that you think saying that kind of shit is going to do anything but piss me off even more? I don’t have to be hormonal to see that you’re a misogynistic asshole, and one that’s probably never going to change either. I don’t know why I’ve been kidding myself for these past couple of years Adam, you’re not worth the stress. All you’re ever going to be interested in about a woman is her body, and I just can’t subject myself to that Neanderthal thinking anymore.”

Adam stood up and moved aggressively towards Janet, raising his right fist. She quickly dropped to her knees and leveled an uppercut to his groin. As he folded forward in pain, she stood and raised a knee into his face. Adam collapsed onto the floor, bleeding hard from the nose.

“Stay there Adam, it’ll only take me about two minutes to pack my bag and get the hell out of here. Oh, I have an idea, why don’t you call the cops on me? Tell them your girlfriend kicked your ass and walked out, I bet they’d get a kick out of that.” Janet said. Then she turned on a heel and headed to the bedroom to gather her things. There was something calling her out there, and it was far from where she was now.

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