Time Skipping

We were simply ‘there’ without any commotion or a light show, or any sensation that I could detect… just suddenly there at what looked like a food truck in the middle of nowhere. There was a young woman inside, elbows propped on the service window’s counter, staring at Jake blandly.

“You’re back, and with a friend I see.” The woman said.

“Yeah. When were we here before… or was it after this?” Jake asked. “Doesn’t matter I suppose. Let me have a hot tea please, it helps me focus.”

“That’s what you had tomorrow.” The woman said.

Time travel was so unbelievably weird, it made people say things like that and not blink an eye over what sounded to any regular person like she’d misspoken. I knew she hadn’t, and I’d only been at this for a short… time.

Time, it was a word I’d probably need to stop using eventually. Used how I had always said it, well, it didn’t make sense in that context anymore. Now it was more like using the word ‘coordinates’ or ‘longitude’ – more of a mark on some insane map that would be impossible to navigate without it. I mean, place and time were always thought of together here, inseparable as a concept. Yet, just a few weeks ago I’d have never said it that way. You didn’t need to know the time of downtown Cleveland, it was just a place… it had a latitude and longitude on a map, and directions to get there by several means of transportation. Now, all that’s changed for me. If I asked Jake to take us to Cleveland, he’d definitely ask about the time.

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