Back to Baltimore

[Author’s Note: It’s a follow-up song to Bruce Springsteen’s  Hungry Heart. I know he’ll never see this, but I liked doing it anyway.  I picture it being sung at a much slower tempo than the original. Maybe just Bruce and his guitar.]

Back to Baltimore

I went back to Baltimore
after thirty-some years
To face the sins of my youth
and some of my deepest fears

The mother of my kid is gone
but I found my daughter Ruth
I needed to reach out to her
if only to tell her my truths

I was confused by what it meant to be a man
and I thought it meant do anything I want
runaway from the hard things I made
but ghosts only live to haunt

I didn’t know if she would see me
I didn’t know what she was taught
I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t
But she was always in my thoughts

I thought my heart was hungry
but that was my ego and pride
I wanted to be a hero
so to myself I just lied

I’m standing on a downtown corner
flowers in my shaking hand
I told her I’d meet her
by the Lexington Market hot dog stand

Her half brother’s and sisters in California
they all know her name
they all know what I did,
and how I carry that shame

I waited for a long time
and felt she wasn’t going to show
my heart hung heavy in my chest
and I turned to go

Suddenly I heard my name called
softly through a crowd
I turned to see Ruth there
looking beautiful and proud

I thought my heart was hungry
But man I was wrong
This is what was missing
from my life all along.

Love might be like a river
that don’t know where it’s flowin
but sometimes it makes it out to the ocean
and comes together with what’s it’s always known